Vietnam’s aviation embarks expansion


Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister, Hoang Trung Ha,  has called on aviation authorities to upgrade airports in a bid to elevate the country’s status to be one of  ASEAN’s top four  aviation leaders.

The top three are Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  Indonesia and Philippines lag far behind in both tourism and aviation services. Manila in the Philippines is noted for having the worst airport in the world according to an international survey.

Laos, Indonesia and Philippines also failed to sign off on the opens skies policy set by ASEAN. They opted out of key clauses that  would allow other ASEAN airlines access to all major destinations.

Vietnam signed off on open skies and is now poised to expand provincial airports and build a new gateway airport to serve Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam News media quoted the deputy PM Hoang Trung Hai saying the aviation industry makes a crucial contribution to national development.

“Flight safety and security is vital… aviation in our country should concentrate on reviewing and adjusting plans, upgrading transport-related law and policy systems, accelerating restructuring and mobilising financial resources to put Vietnam ahead of its rivals.”

Airlines need to build young fleets, reduce fares, improve service quality and international competitiveness and expand domestic and international routes, he noted.

Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam general director, Lai Xuan Thanh, said the industry experienced strong growth in recent years, transporting 40.1 million passengers, up 13.7% over the previous year.

The country’s airlines have 125 aircraft and operate 48 domestic routes. Together with 52 foreign airlines, they operate 95 international routes.

Regarding international integration, the industry signed 67 bilateral agreements on aviation transport and six multilateral ones, while actively joining the ASEAN aviation market’s open skies, the report said.

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