To provide accurate, updated, and timely flight schedule & directory information to travelers and travel planners.

What’s it about?

A comprehensive monthly directory of all domestic and international flight schedules as well as listings of airline offices, published rates, embassies, travel agents, car rental services, courier services, hotels and serviced apartments. A publication that reaches the consumer at the time they are consciously making a travel purchasing decision.

Target audience

Paid Subscribers consisting of:

  • Frequent Individual Travelers (F.I.T.s)
  • Senior and middle level management of companies.
  • Secretaries, front office personnel, receptionists, and hotel concierge.
  • Travel agents and tour operators.

Readership profile

  • 66% are Thai nationals
  • 15% are presidents, CEOs, or managing directors of a company.
  • 7% are secretaries or receptionists.
  • 54% are male.
  • 46% are female.
  • 84% have taken at least one overseas air trip during the past 12 months.
  • 89% of our subscribers refer to it as the first point of reference when planning their itinerary.
  • 39% take a copy with them when traveling.
  • 50% use the publication at least twice per week at the office.
  • 34% use it both at home and at work.
  • 33% subscribe to 1 copy.
  • 5% subscribe to between 2 and 10 copies.
  • 2% subscribe to more than 10 copies.