Passengers Arrival/Arriving Passengers

passengers Arrival must fill in their personal information on the Passenger Arrival Document no. 6 which is issued by the Immigration Bureau as evidence for contacting passengers while they are staying in Thailand. The staff of the airline you travel with will give the aforementioned document to passengers so that they can fill it in before the plane lands (traveling to Thailand).

Visas and Travel Documents

Passengers who do not have arrival visas (please see the list of countries below) can apply for visas at the arrival counter by bringing 2 one-inch photos and paying the fee of 300 Baht. Passengers who do not have photos can use photo express service in the airport at 120 Baht (4 photos).
(Information from: Immigration Bureau)

Normal passports, Allowed to stay for 15 days (TR-15)


Normal passports P.30 (Allowed to stay for 30 days)

A  Australia G  Germany L  Luxembourg S  Singapore
   Austria    Greece M  Malaysia    South Africa
B  Bahrain I  Iceland N  Netherlands    Spain
   Brunei    Indonesia    New Zealand    Sweden
   Belgium    Italy    Norway    Switzerland
C  Canada    Ireland O  Oman T  Turkey
D  Denmark    Israel P  Philippines U  United Arab Emirates
F  Finland J  Japan    Portugal    United States of America
   France K  Kuwait Q  Qatar    United Kingdom

Normal Passport PP.90 (Allowed to stay for 90 days)

B  Brazil C  Chile P  Peru S  Republic of Korea

Official passports and diplomatic passports, Allowed to stay for 30 days (Non 30)

H  Hong Kong L  Laos M  Macau V  Vietnam

Official passports and diplomatic passports Non 90 (Allowed to stay for 90 days)

According to the agreement , no specific on period of time of stay. However the Immigration Bureau allows to stay for 90 days.

A  Austria H  Hungary N  Nepal S  Singapore
B  Belgium I  Israel    Netherlands    South Africa
   Brazil    Italy O  Oman    Switzerland
   Bhutan    India P  Peru    Slovak Republic
C  Chilie J  Japan    Philippines T  Tunisai
   Czech Republic L  Luxembourg    Poland    Turkey
   Croatia M  Malaysia R  Romania    
G  Germany    Mexico    Russia    

Countries which must pass Health Control (must get vaccinated against Yellow Fever)

A  Angola E  Ecuador M  Mali T  Tanzania
B  Benin    Equatorialguin    Mauritania    Togo
   Bolivia    Ethiopia N  Niger U  Uganda
   Brazil F  French-Guinea    Nigeria V  Venezuela
   Burkinahfaso G  Gabon P  Panama Z  Zaire
   Burundi    Gambia    Peru    
C  Cameroon    Ghana R  Rwada    
   Central – African    Guiana S  Sao tome&Principe    
   Chad    Guinea Bissau    Senegal    
   Columbia    Guyana    Sierra Leone    
   Congo K  Kenya    Somalia    
   Coted ‘ Ivoire L  Liberria    Sudan    

Re-entry Permit

Passengers whose visa status must be permitted for re-entry must inform the officers at the contact point before traveling.